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Hi there, thanks for making such a cool tileset! We have used these, alongside your other pack "Tiny Tile Town", in our new 2D tower defence game titled TD Town, which can be found here!

whats the size of the tilesets?16x16?


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The terrain tiles are 24x24 but the unit tiles are bigger. I can't seem to cleanly fit them into a 24x24 grid, especially when adjacent to other units.

love the look btw, and jumped on this as soon as I saw it for sale!

Hi! Are the vehicles in all 4 directions when they move? Or just left right "side" animation?

Vehicles move in all 4 direction! But attack animation only left right "side" ^^

That's pretty good then! I imagine for a game like this there would be an "in battle" screen, so attacking left and right is no problem haha

Do you have plans to do in battle animations as well? Probably would be very difficult I'd imagine...