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Micro Asset Pack is a game asset compilation of board, card, and tabletop games from around the world.

Combine game resources and create your own games!

Actual Content: 

This tileset contains 8×8 pixel tiles for creating 17 tabletop games.

  • Chess
    • Tiles for creating a chessboard
    • 12 Chess pieces
  • Checkers
    • Tiles for creating a checkerboard
    • 2 Checkers pieces
  • Pool 
    • Tiles for creating a game table
    • 16 balls
  • Air Hockey
    • Tiles for creating a game table
    • 2 strikers
    • 1 Air hockey puck
  • 6-Ball Puzzle
    • Tiles for creating a game table
    • 6 ball for Puzzle :)
  • Dominoes 
    • Tiles for creating a game table
    • Complete double-six set
  • Card games
    • Complete card set
  • Tic-tac-toe
    • X and O
  • Tanks!
    • Tiles for creating a game table
    • 2 tanks
  • Tables 
    • A backgammon board, with two dice cups and "points"
  • Reversi
    • Tiles for creating a game table
    • Disks 
  • Yacht Dice
    • Tiles for creating a game table
    • Dices
  • Bowling
    • Tiles for creating a game table
    • Bowling ball and pins
  • Block breaker game
    • Blocks
    • Space ship -  block breaker
  • Go 
    • Tiles for creating a game table
    • Stones
  • Battleship 
    • Ships (regular and wrecked)
    • Explosion animation
  • Box box
    • The guy
    • Box box

Update 1.1

  • Mole Runner 
    • Mole (animated: walk, climb) 
    • Enemy (Fox also animated: walk, climb)
    • Turnip
    • Tileset
  • UNO!
    • Complete card set
  • Asteroids
    • Space Ship
    • Asteroids
    • UI

Wanna more games?

Every 100 downloads, i'll add +1 game! ^^

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  • You may use these assets for personal projects or commercial projects. 
  • You may modify these assets to suit your needs. 
  • You can NOT re-distribute the contents of this zip file in whole or in part  on any publicly avaliable server, unless as part of a game or similar product. No matter how much you modify it you can use it but not share or re-sell it!
  • If you use this material in a game or other product, please give attribution to Aleksandr Makarov in the credits. 

That's it! Use in any for profit / not for profit product, and give me a shout out at @IknowKingRabbit or Aleksandr Makarov if you can. 

^^ Thanks!

Thank you for purchasing and downloading this pack! I'm grateful to you for it, as drawing is my main job!

Unfortunately, I'm unable to receive money for sales (Just read this letter). All my accounts have been frozen, but that doesn't mean I will stop creating content!

If you really want to support me: 

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  6. Make a game with my asset. 

Be sure to create the game of your dreams, I believe in you <3 Knowing that you are using my graphics pack to make games motivates me to keep working hard!

If you want to see me create my graphics assets live, come to the stream, I'm probably streaming right now <3 <3 


That's all! 

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AuthorAleksandr Makarov
TagsBoard Game, Chess, minigames, Minimalist, Pixel Art, Tabletop


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