Heroic Asset Series: Overworld 2.0 Release!

Hi! I have finished work on my global update for Heroic Asset Series: Overworld!

I completely redrawn all the tiles, but you can use the original!

This update is absolutely free for those who have already purchased a game asset before. Just download it! But, if you have not purchased a game asset yet, you will get two for the price of one!

List of changes:

  • New completely redrawn 6 biomes with autotile capacity
    • Grass biome 
    • Winter biome
    • Dirt biome
    • Desert biome
    • Swamp biome
    • Inferno biome
  • New animated rivers and coast
  • New decor objects (new 21 trees in unique designs,  the mountains, even more small decorative elements)
  • Textured Tiles (grass, snow, rock, sand, swamp)

That's it! Use in any for profit / not for profit product, and give me a shout out at @IknowKingRabbit or Aleksandr Makarov if you can. 

^^ Thank you so much!


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8 days ago

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