Heroic Asset Series: Magic Book

Hi! I try to work hard and release new assets every week. Today I present to you HAS: Magic Book!

A pack of 55 pixelart effects made with Aseprite. Frame size is 24x24px. All frames were drawn by hand without using any FX programs.

Actual Content:  

  • Icons and sprites in .PNG format 
  • All frames come in separate images .PNG and GIF format ( animations)
  • Magic book 

55 magic spells (icon + sprites):

 Acid Splash Air Shield Animate Dead
 AntiMagic Berserk Bless
 Blind Bloodlust Chain Lightning
 Charm Contusion Cure
 Curse Death Ripple Deflect Missle
 Destroy UndeadDisguise Dispel
 Disrupting Ray Energy Blast Explosion
 FireBall Fire Shield FireWall
  First Strike Flame Strike Force Field
 Fortune Frost Ring Haste
 Holy Light Hypnotize Iceball
 IceBolt IceSpikes Inferno
 Lightning Bolt Magic Arrow Magic Mirror
 Meteor Shower Precision Protection From Air
 Protection From Fire Protection From Water Quicksand
 Resurrection Shield Slow
 Stone Skin Stone Spikes Transmute
 View Air View Earth Visions
  • 100% supported Unity and GameMaker

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Jul 26, 2020

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