Roguelike Asset Series: Overworld

This asset was created at the request of my patrons!

This asset will help you to create your great roguelike, especially if you've already done it with MAS: Roguelike! This is 2 times more than Roguelike!

All tiles are 16x16 pixel in size via 12 darkest color!

Actual Content:

  • Tileset in .PNG format
  • 200+ tiles
  • 20+ animated tiles
  • 45 Weapon icons (+ 45 weapons for battle animations)
  • 45 Item icons (Armor + other items)
  • 12 characters (simple animations)
  • 15 enemy (simple animation)


RAS Overworld (v.1.0).zip 99 kB
Feb 28, 2021
RAS Overworld (v.1.0).7z 98 kB
Feb 28, 2021

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Looks great!  Always interested to see what you end up making!