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Hello! Before buying: I'm making a RPG minecraft server and was wondering would it be OK if I include some of these textures in our server texture pack? 

People will only be able to download the texture pack when entering the server but the texture stay in their minecraft folder. I would credit you, link to your page and add a disclaimer to not copy or upload any files.

Is that OK? :)

this is normal :) You can invite me to your Minecraft server too ^^

Thank you very much! Will send you a link when we're done then. Keep up the good work! :)

Just bought this pack, the UI, and Creature packs...I really love the work you did here and can't wait to put them to good use.


Thank you for the new update!


I'm dead sure the author has plagiarized a few items from HoMM3. I doubt UBI soft will sue small projects, but DMCA takedowns are not a joke either. Use with care. I'm also ashamed my Russian compatriots cant come with something original and steal designs :(


No need to be so rude. If it seems to you that with some icons there may be problems with DMCA. Just write it in a friendlier way. This game asset series was completely inspired by HoMM games (all games in the series, not just HoMM3). 

Did I have the original idea of coagulating a whole series of games? No, I just drew my Overworld tileset.

As a result:

1) I'll redraw some old icons and draw some new ones.

2) Don't be so rude. And If you're  dead sure  of plagiarism just warn the author about it. (it can just be a homage, think about it).  

3) I'm also ashamed my Russian compatriots cant be a little friendlier.


I'm not rude, I'm just warning people it can be unsafe to use assets derived from the Ubisoft property.

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Did I use sprites or other resourses from HoMM? I do not think so.... But, if you have some problem with "a few items", just show me (i mean, enter item ID like "Leg16"), and I fixed it as soon as possible. If it's plagiarism, not homage. Thanks. Sorry for being rude. :)


I'm not Ubisoft to DMCA anyone.


Hi, just want to make sure, can we use/share a purchased asset to more than one game/ more than one game developer?

Or it just licensed as a single product (one license for one game only).


As I know, many developers use my game resources in a large number of their games. ^^

You can use asset to create any number of games. + You can involve any number of people in your development. But! You cannot distribute game assets to third parties who are not involved in the development of your game.


wow thats great thanks! :D


Fantastic set. Looooot of tiny objects! Really cool.

Many thanks ^^


Are the items stored on individual files or tilesheets? Planning on buying if I don't have to split them up piece by piece :-)

Yes, I divided each element. It was hard, BUT I DID IT :D 


thank you for the reply! well, I'm a woman of my word :-)  buying now!


Is it necessary to mark the source if it is used in the game?

Yes of course ^^ 


Hey I have a question, in the description it states: orignal and outline pack. What do you mean with outline? Does the outline pack include a black outline with the icons (than they would be usefull to me)?


For example:

Yes, you can make an outlite icon by yourself, but many people don't want to do this.

Outlines use to separate shapes. It's help separate objects from the background, as well as other objects. Outlines used in many games to keep the items from blending in to the background. (Check example)


That looks great! Thanks I am going to buy it!


Amazing, looking forward to your next update and next work :) Hope for 32X

Thanks! 32X? :D What do you mean?


Resolution 32X32


Wow! I just purchase, thank you for this!

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Thank you for your support!