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Hello i love your work and your assets you have made. If i subscribe to your patron for tier 4 could you possibly make 2 characters 1 male base 1 female base with walk idle,attack,and death animations i can share with what im looking for.You could possibly make them look similar so its easier to make them.

Hey there! Sorry for the late reply. I think it's best to set up a subscription through Boosty. Currently, I've disabled extra rewards for Patreon, unfortunately.

Are there any packs for creature accessories? Most notably arrows for the archers (Castle faction).


A great update. Keep up the good work!

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Any chance of seeing the packs expanded with walk/attack/death frames? EDIT: I see that you answered this question--but I did not initially see it.



Pit Field instead of Pit Fiend

This is completely nuts, do you use specific color palette?

No, it's AAP-64

I bought these graphics and from some other artists, they help tremendously for my Fire Emblem hybrid game I'm working on! Check it out if you want:

Hi, I found a minor error in this asset:
HAS CreaturePack (v.1.3)\HAS Creature Pack 1.2\Castle\CastleIcons.png are of size 64x64, while all other icons are 16x16.


Hi! I love these units and the whole series. And actualy most of your work :-) Do you have also separate production buildings for the factions here, like for example in the Dwarfs asset? I cannot find them. Thanks!

Nice work :) Can you add the individual sprites for the elementals ? There is only the spritesheet !

Thank :)


This is great work. The game Hero's Hour utilizes them to great effect.

Would love to see more!

Aren't these the Heroes M&M factions? Lovely :)

Anybody could tell me what is the size of the sprites? 32x32 or 64x64?



16x16 :D You're welcome! Happy New Year! 

Is it possible to resize them to some bigger resolution?

Great asset!! Love it!! 

Any plans to add some peasants and king/queen character? (sorry for bad english).

Great work ☺️ but no dragons? 🙈

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Hi, Aleksandr, I discovered you with this pack and instantly fell in love with the sheer quality of your work. I spotted this pack a few days before the LOWREZJAM 2020 (that I attend each year now) and thought it was truly fitting considering the specifity of this jam.

And now here we are, with a game we made in 48 hours, and we are still willing to improve it (after the notation period) to add more and more of your creatures as new minions, opponents, bosses... (they are all kinda meatsacks in this game anyway ahah, except the lich of course).

If you have some time, it would be great to have your honest opinion on the game !

Wont run in my mac. The short vids look great tho

This is awesome!! Do you have any intention to make the last creature from every City? Like HOMM 3 ?

Great job.

Under Necropolis in above description, was "lick" intended to be "lich"?

Oh, really? Hahaha 😂 yea, lich 


Thank you so much for this work! HoMM is one of my favourite game series and I am currently working on a small prototype game (roguelike in a weird fantasy setting). While I love this work and have bought all of it - do you consider making some work per order?

Good afternoon! Thanks for the feedback! Some time ago I was thinking about working on order. At the moment, I have big plans for my next big game asset. But we can contact you and discuss your ideas. :)


Thank you for replying. So far I like what you've been putting out and I am making use of it in my project. :)

Do you plan on adding up and down animation

Unfortunately not.  Since this pack was made under the influence of Heroic Of Might and Magic, I plan to make updated versions of creatures.

I knew it! they are all except Conflux, Fortress and Dungeon

^^ This is a mix of all games.

one question: walk animation is four direction or only right and left. Thanks and best regards!

only right and left, I mean only right but you can change sprite direction :) (image_xscale = -1 for GML2)

Thanks and best regards!!!

You’re welcome!

I just bought it, a great pack, thank you very much

you’re welcome! Thank you for your support!

Nice addition to complement the rest of your work. Also your mouse is visible for a few seconds in this GIF :)

Fix it! :DSorry for the delay in reply, time zones :D