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Are you going to have your collection on sale again like you did earlier in the summer? I would make that purchase.

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Amazing! Only thing I was missing was a "wind" spell, like a hurricane or tornado.

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Hello, there are plans to add some new attacks, or elemental properties "wind, fire, lightning, water, earth" pixelart effects.


Is there a page turning animation?  I assume I need to come up with the next and previous page buttons.

hi, do the icon shave transparent background?

no, only black color :C Sorry!

I made a game on Steam using your artwork:

Awesome pack, I am using it for my RPG Platformer :D

Cool! I bought and played! You're doing great!

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Hi, it's pefrect for my game, bought it but didn't find a bookmark. Is this pack include it?

As I understand it is a magic book? 

If you need, I will make an animated bookmarked version of the book and add it to the next update ^^

It will be great, thanks


Hey sorry I have a question, I saw the icons where 24 by 24 pixels, is there any chance they will also be released as  a 16 by 16 (or 32 by 32)?

icons 16x16, spell effects 24x24. I do not plan to change the size of the icons, only the size of the spell sprites


At this point I am buying EVERYTHING Aleksander posts. :) Great job buddy - as always. 


Great idea, will buy


Just purchase the pack, looks awesome!