Heroic Asset Series: Hero Pack

Hi all! I've created a new add-on for Heroic Asset Series!

The Hero Pack contains 12 hero sprites and 120 hero icons designed for Heroic Asset Series.

Actual Content:

  • Icons and sprites in .PNG format
  • Castle Heroes:
    • Knight
    • Priest
  • Demon Heroes:
    • Demon Lord
    • Demonologist
  • Necro Heroes:
    • Necromancer
    • Witch
  • Elf Heroes:
    • Ranger
    • Druid
  • Orc Heroes:
    • Barbarian
    • BeastMaster
  • Mage Heroes:
    • Wizard
    • Sorcerer
  • Each class has 10 icons and animation of movements in 8 directions (4 frame)


Your support motivates me to support my every big asset series and release several updates per month.


Heroic Asset Series: Overworld Starter Pack

  • Tileset in .PNG format
  • 1 biome with autotile capacity
    • Grass biome 
    • Mountains, trees  and other small elements of decor
    • Roads and bridges
    • 100% supported Unity and GameMaker


HAS Hero Pack (v.1.0).zip 594 kB
Aug 13, 2020

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