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Great work!  I just got a copy of this.  Hoping to use and extend this for a retro city building game I have going.


Hi, Can I use this assets in my commercial game? I will put your name in the credits.

yes! ^^

Hi Aleksandr, I'm interested to comission some work from you but I don't have twitter. If you're available, please reach me at RoahR#4989.

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Hi! ^^ Very unexpectedly, you are interested in my asset! ^^ Do you need additional sprites?

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Deleted 1 year ago

Awesome tileset, exactly what I needed! Thanks!


Greate! You will add transports, as airport and seaports?

These are amazing! Perfect for what I was looking for :)

Wow this looks like a classic all ready!

Are there animations for the buildings?

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^^ Only sprites!

I'm not so good at this camera perspective

Ok just wanted to double make sure. Thank you for the quick reply.

Very nice! Thank you for this!